Argo AI, an autonomous vehicle technology company, has unveiled its suite of products and services designed to enable businesses to use autonomous vehicles to enhance ridesharing or goods delivery operations. 

The Argo product ecosystem is customizable based on a company’s needs, bringing together self-driving technology, vehicle, and fleet management solutions as well as data and analytics

The Argo Autonomy Platform is compatible with multiple vehicle types across automakers – from electric or hybrid vehicles to sedans, SUVs, and vans. - Photo: Argo AI

The Argo Autonomy Platform is compatible with multiple vehicle types across automakers – from electric or hybrid vehicles to sedans, SUVs, and vans.

Photo: Argo AI

“Advancements in autonomy will improve the safety and accessibility of our roads, while also solving real business challenges,” said Brett Browning, Argo Al’s chief technology officer and executive VP of product development. “By creating this full suite of products and services, Argo offers businesses across a broad range of industries everything they need to take advantage of self-driving technology at scale.” 

Argo created its product ecosystem by leveraging its years of experience developing, testing, and operating self-driving technology on multiple vehicle types, according to the company. Currently, it’s operating consumer-facing ridesharing with Lyft and autonomous goods delivery with Walmart.

“We know from our integrations with several businesses that customers want more than autonomous vehicles to feel confident in incorporating autonomy into existing services,” said Browning. “They require corresponding tools and solutions that can be tailored to solve their day-to-day operational needs.”

For customers looking to kickstart autonomous operations, Argo Connect includes a suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that let businesses integrate Argo-powered autonomous vehicles into their existing operations. Using Argo Connect, businesses can schedule and dispatch autonomous vehicles to move people and packages. 

The Argo Autonomy Platform consists of the software, hardware, high-definition maps, and backend support that enable Argo autonomous vehicles to safely drive in cities, suburbs, and on highways. The platform is compatible with multiple vehicle types across automakers – from electric or hybrid vehicles to sedans, SUVs, and vans. Products include:

  • Argo Drive: the self-driving software and hardware that sense the vehicle’s surroundings in 360 degrees, detect other road users, and direct the steering, braking, and acceleration to safely plan the vehicle’s trajectory.
  • Argo Lidar: the company’s proprietary long-range sensor that’s capable of over 400 meters range with camera-like resolution.
  • Argo Map: a high-definition map network built with the knowledge of roadways, traffic infrastructure, and speed limits. 
  • Argo Hub: a suite of cloud tools and infrastructure to support autonomous vehicles in the field. 

Additionally, Argo has created portfolios for businesses to supplement in-house capabilities, including:

  • Argo Fleet: a set of products designed to increase fleet uptime and meet the service and operational needs of autonomous vehicles. This includes support for terminal activities like sensor calibration, data ingest, and self-driving system startup and shutdown. It gives business owners real-time visibility into the status of each autonomous vehicle, tools to manage vehicle and personnel schedules, and access to on-site support for specialized autonomous vehicle maintenance. 
  • Argo Operations: a set of in-market services to help businesses deploy and operate autonomous vehicles. Businesses can opt into field operations teams and tools for on-the-ground vehicle management, rider and delivery customer service, and rapid response to ensure a smooth end-customer experience when autonomous vehicles are on the road. 
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