As we all continued to adjust to the new normal brought on by a pandemic, and added to that a supply chain shortage, there was much content to consume about the best way to continue operating your fleet business. Amidst all of the uncertainty, other trends came to light, from electrification, telematics and new technnology, fuel, safety, maintenance, and more, Automotive Fleet readers came here to stay informed in 2021. 

Here are the posts that you read the most this year!

Most-Read Articles of 2021

  1. Microchip Shortage Increasing Vehicle Lead Times
  2. Remarketing During the Pandemic Recovery
  3. 13 Nominees for 2021 Fleet Manager of the Year Award
  4. High-End Fleet Salaries Reach All-Time High
  5. Supply, Chained: Parts Shortages, Price Hikes, and Incentive Cuts
  6. 15 Predictions that will Impact the Fleet Market in CY-2022
  7. Semiconductor Chip Shortage: What’s Going On?
  8. Fleet Safety Trends Influencing Fleets in 2021: Part One
  9. 10 Solutions to Fleet EV Adoption
  10. Supply Chain Strain: Fleets Manage in the New Normal

In terms of news of the year, the most-read stories covered the rising national average gas prices; legislation and safety regulations, especially around drunk and distracted driving; mergers and acquisitions — including the big Donlen/Wheels announcement; and vehicle inventory.

Top 5 Blogs of 2021

  1. Acquisition Strategies to Work Around Replacement Vehicle Shortages
  2. 2020 Supply Chain Constraints Carryover into 2021 Model-Year Ordering
  3. Uptick in Staged Accidents Target Commercial Vehicles
  4. The Overt (and Hidden) Cost of Vehicle Abuse
  5. Impact on Fleet Operations of the Work-from-Home Business Model

Most-Viewed Videos of 2021

  1. State of the Used-Vehicle Market and 2022 Forecast
  2. The Different Paths to Fleet Electrification
  3. Order-to-Delivery Times and Vehicle Availability Issues
  4. Uncertainty about Duration of Automotive Microchip Shortage
  5. Fleet Maintenance in 2021 and Beyond

Timeless Topics/Top Articles of All Time

And, just for fun, were you wondering what articles have the most views of all time? The following five posts have all been viewed more than anything else on our site for years!

  1. 15 Ways to Save Fuel
  2. Replacing Engines Instead of Buying New Vehicles
  3. Dispelling CNG Safety Myths
  4. Three-Quarter-Ton vs. 1-Ton Pickups
  5. 5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Thank you for reading Automotive Fleet! From all of us here, we wish you a Happy New Year and more success in your fleet business to come. Don't forget to come back for more timely topics and news you can use. Sign up for our enewsletter to make sure the latest news and trends make it right into your inbox. 

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