How can vocational fleets prepare for electrification? Find out in this episode of Truck Chat, courtesy of our friends at Work Truck Magazine. In this video, Bob Brauer of Amerit Fleet Solutions sits down with Work Truck Executive Editor Lauren Fletcher to chat all things EVs, as well as uptime in vocational fleets.

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Topics include:

  • How vocational fleets can prepare for electrification.
  • How commercial fleets will be impacted by EV initiatives.
  • The growth and impact of last-mile delivery.


0:00 Introduction
0:50 How Vocational Fleets Can Prepare for Electrification
1:54 How Commercial Fleets Will Be Impacted By EV Initiatives
2:16 How Amerit Fleet Solutions Is Preparing for an EV Future
3:02 The Growth and Impact of Last-Mile Delivery
3:35 Challenges with the Increasing Demands for Last-Mile Fleets
4:09 Current Uptime Challenges for Fleets
4:49 Solutions to Reduce Vehicle Uptime

This episode is sponsored by and produced in partnership with Amerit Fleet Solutions.

Originally posted on Fleet Forward

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