Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Zero-emission vehicles are increasing popular on Queensland, Australia roads, with the Tesla Model 3 the most prevalent, according to a report in the Australian edition of Fleet Auto News.

The Queensland government’s August Electric Snapshot, the Tesla Model 3 represented 55% of the 5,695 battery electric vehicles (BEV) registered in the state, a significant increase from the 2,862 total BEVs recorded in January 2021.

The BEV growth in Queensland is notable since unlike other states such as Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, Queensland has not offered an electric vehicle purchase rebate, Fleet Auto News pointed out. However, the Queensland’s annual registration is cheaper, and the new-car stamp duty is less than a four-cylinder internal combustion engine.

The Queensland government’s Electric Vehicle Snapshot provides an overview of measurable zero emission vehicle (ZEV) statistics, including registrations, vehicle market share and usage figures for the Queensland Electric Super Highway, a three-phase network of fast-charging stations.