Element Fleet Webinar Explores Transition to EV Fleet

Credit: Tesla

A recent webinar, “Accelerating Your EV Journey,” featuring panel of three industry professionals discussing best practices in managing fleet transition to electric vehicles is available from global fleet management company Element Fleet.

Jason Kazmar, director of electric vehicle and sustainability strategy at Element, facilitated the webinar. Panelists included Tereah Otero, head of global travel and programs, HP Inc.; Jeff Slve, Enterprise sales manager of energy transformation company Enel-X; and Tiara Thurston, Sales Director for the Central US and Enterprise, Tesla.

Otero shared HP’s operational perspective as the company navigates to an EV fleet. With its EV100 commitment, the HP pledges to transition its 4,700-vehicle fleet to EVs by 2030.

Focusing on vehicle charging considerations, Slve of Enel X emphasized the importance of developing a smart-charging strategy.

Thurston offered the perspective of OEM customer support, including EV education as well as strategies to enhance the driver experience during the transition to EV>

The entire webinar can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2VTg6C1.