Openforce’s Continuous Monitoring and Safety Education benefits range from reduced risk and...

Openforce’s Continuous Monitoring and Safety Education benefits range from reduced risk and liability, increased IC retention, and an automated and enforced consistent driver safety policy.

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Openforce announced in a news release that it has expanded its product offerings to include Continuous Driver Monitoring and Safety Education by SambaSafety. This solution improves safety and risk mitigation for organizations that utilize an independent contractor workforce by providing a comprehensive 12 months of visibility into a contractor’s driving record, while also providing training to improve on-the-road skills.

“Contracted drivers are the core of our business, which means that safety is, too. This new solution gives our customers access to the only comprehensive platform to identify and efficiently act on driver risk, keeping roadways safer and insurance costs down,” said Wendy Greenland, CEO of Openforce. “Together with our partner, SambaSafety, our clients can verify that their independent contractors are driving legally and are receiving the education they need to reinforce safe driving habits.”

Openforce’s Continuous Driver Monitoring and Safety Education are comprised of two parts: First, the technology continuously monitors motor vehicle records and other data to alert customers in near-real time of violations such as speeding tickets, collisions, or suspended licenses. The second part includes a robust selection of engaging online training lessons designed to develop and retain great drivers and modify high-risk driving behavior.

With the Continuous Monitoring and Safety Education, organizations will:

  • Reduce risk and liability with near real-time alerts on negative driver activity
  • Reduce accidents and claims that lead to auto insurance premium increases
  • Increase independent contractor retention by intervening early with driver course training that mitigates high-risk driver behavior
  • Automate and enforce a consistent driver safety policy across their business
  • Understand driver behavior across individuals and groups and take proactive measures for improvement
  • Protect their business, independent contractors, and their community with a culture of safety

Openforce Continuous Monitoring and Safety Education was developed through a partnership with SambaSafety, whose monitoring and education technology will be delivered through the Openforce contractor workforce platform. 

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