Work Truck needs your input related to truck fleet maintenance trends, including information about outsourcing and in-house maintenance. 

Maintenance is a large part of managing a truck fleet.

In 2018, the majority of truck fleets, regardless of size, still purchased as their main way of funding trucks. Very few smaller fleets, with fewer than 400 trucks, used the lease-only option, with that percentage increasing slightly for fleets with more than 1,000 trucks.

Looking at 2020, not much changed. For maintenance, a combination approach is still preferred by fleets of all sizes. Smaller fleets, under 200 vehicles, noted a small increase in outsourcing all maintenance needs but still prefer to perform most maintenance in-house. Larger fleets reported using more of a combination approach in 2020 when compared with the 2018 study.

Help us paint a picture of how this may - or may not - be changing. 



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