-  Graphic: Alphabet

Graphic: Alphabet

Alphabet International, a global provider of business mobility solutions, has expanded its global presence into the Australian and New Zealand markets following a new partnership with SG Fleet.

With the new partnership, customers that already benefit from these solutions across Europe and beyond can now also take advantage of products and services across Australia and New Zealand via SG Fleet, including fuel cards, replacement vehicles, roadside assistance, and insurance, the company announced. 

“We are excited to be joining Alphabet’s network of partners, helping to provide services to their customers in both Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Alphabet, who continue to position themselves as experts in mobility,” said Robbie Blau, CEO of SG Fleet.

Following the partnership, Alphabet now provides mobility solutions in 31 countries worldwide, according to the company. 

This new collaboration is a valuable addition to Alphabet’s existing

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