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Photo: Motus

Average business mileage across the U.S. has increased to 65% of pre-pandemic levels, and overall field activity is 85% higher than the week of April 5, the lowest level of business mileage in 2020, according to a new mileage trends flash report from Motus.

The report covers business mileage – an indicator of field activity levels—and presents a current view of economic growth and recovery for different regions and industry sectors, according to Motus. The report measures business activity in three periods: pre-pandemic, stay-at-home (measuring activity from the start of COVID to May 2020), and WorkForward, the latter of which measured activity from the middle of May to now.

  • The food and beverage industry is at 79% of pre-pandemic levels.
  • The construction and building materials industries are at 73% of pre-pandemic levels.
  • Business services are at 60%, which is 24% above the average.
  • Hospitals and healthcare are at 60% of pre-pandemic levels, 7% above the average.
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech & Medical Devices industries are at 56% of pre-pandemic levels, which is 29% above the average.
  • Retail is at 55% of pre-pandemic levels, 9% above the average.
  • Energy and environmental is at 45%, 22% above the average.
  • Manufacturing is at 44%, which is 36% above the average.

Mileage trended upward rapidly in most industries in May and June – most likely due to widespread reopening efforts and pent-up demand, according to data from Motus. Recent months have seen more volatility in mileage in different industry sectors—illustrating how business activity trends differ depending on where and how companies operate.

Regionally, meanwhile, the Western U.S. is trending at about 67% of pre-pandemic levels, business mileage in the South and Midwest has grown to 66% of pre-pandemic levels and Northeast mileage activity has grown to 60% of pre-pandemic levels.

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