Top Performing Fleet Segments in Q2 2020, according to Azuga

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Azuga’s latest Fleet Driver Performance scorecard report found that disinfecting and pest control service fleets were the best performing overall commercial fleet segment, in terms of safety, productivity, and work ethic.

Following this segment were local trucking fleets, then plumbing and HVAC fleets, according to Azuga. The Q2 2020 Fleet Driver Performance Scorecard, based on data captured by Azuga’s technology, shows how various industries and individual drivers fared on multiple fronts.

Each driver analyzed by Azuga receives an overall score as well as a score for each index. An overall score of 100 was the maximum a driver could earn.  

Azuga’s Driver Scorecard shows how various industries and individual drivers fared on multiple fronts including road safety, productivity and work ethic.

The latest report also found that plumbing and HVAC fleets had the safest drivers in Q2 2020. Fleet drivers performing electrical work were the second safest and disinfecting and pest control fleets were both the hardest working and most productive fleets.

The formula for the rankings are added up  in three ways, with an ultimate overall score as well:

  • Safety: hard-braking score, speeding score, hard-acceleration score, and days without a risky driving event 
  • Productivity: number of drive days, number of trips, and number of miles 
  • Hard work: number of days with six hours driven, number of days with seven or more trips, and number of miles traveled per hour 
  • Overall: safety index, productivity index, and hard work index

According to Azuga’s data, the average overall score across all drivers in Q2 was 46.2 and the median was 47.6.

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