A mobile app that offers engine software updates, vertical rise vehicle lifts, and battery technology that can reduce emergency repairs are some of the latest products designed to boost shop efficiency.

Mobile App Suite for Digitized Maintenance, Inspection

iMarq from Connixt is a mobile app suite designed to digitize and automate the maintenance and ­inspection process for various transportation operations. Using cloud-based mobile technology, iMarq can reduce time between inspection, reporting, and corrective action while also increasing labor-hour savings and fleet compliance, according to the company. iMarq features speech-to-text capability; ­interactive forms with timestamps, geotags, and photos that can be annotated; and can integrate with back-end systems or work standalone — requiring no new hardware or software.

Battery Designed to Reduce Downtime, Emergency Repairs

The Fahrenheit battery from East Penn Manufacturing Co. is designed for school bus and commercial truck applications.

Using thermal shielding technology, Fahrenheit can extend battery life in the midst of rising battery box temperatures, traversing a variety of climates, and increasing key-off power demands, according to the supplier.

A website created for the Fahrenheit battery also includes tools, videos, and other resources to help fleets reduce downtime and emergency repairs.
East Penn Manufacturing Co.

Vertical Rise Lift Available in 3 Versions

Mohawk Lifts’ new Vertical Rise Lift (VRL) is designed for a variety of heavy-duty vehicles, including school buses.

The VRL ranges in capacities from 33,000 to 99,000 pounds and is available in runway lengths from 23 feet to 48 feet according to the supplier. The lift also comes in surface, flush, or recessed mount versions.

Like all Mohawk lifts, the VRL features rolling jacks for wheels-free service, track lighting, and galvanized versions for wash bay applications.
Mohawk Lifts

Cloud Service to Streamline Fleet Data Management

REI’s ARMOR Cloud service offers software updates and scalability that are administered remotely from REI headquarters. The service can provide a variety of benefits to users, including automatic upgrades to the latest versions of ARMOR software, savings in server management and IT asset needs, and on-property Wi-Fi integration to improve diminished cellular quality and/or potential cellular fee overages, according to REI.

The ARMOR Cloud remote server management option adds to the current features of the ARMOR software suite, including automatic downloading of event-specific video, alert customization, real-time vehicle tracking, driver performance monitoring, and automatic stop-arm violation reporting. The ARMOR software suite can also be integrated with a digital video recorder, high-definition color cameras, and other accessories to form a complete surveillance system.

For example, REI’s HD5 Series DVR with 4G LTE internal cellular modem provides live views, immediate downloading, and connectivity to a fleet’s server.

Real-Time, Onboard Oil Monitoring System

Oil contamination and oil wear are two of the greatest threats to a fleet’s drivetrains. The Oil Advantage from Voelker Sensors is designed to let users know when to change a vehicle’s oil to avoid the expense and waste of replacing it too soon and the costly damage resulting from changing it too late, according to the supplier.

The system monitors oil wear, additive depletion, moisture, temperature, and fuel contamination, and makes this information accessible to any internet-enabled device via a cloud-based graphical user interface.
Voelker Sensors Inc.

Mobile App Offers Programming Updates on Cummins Engines

Fleet management technology supplier Zonar has created a mobile app to offer over-the-air programming for enhanced Cummins engine performance and uptime.

Using the Zonar OTAir mobile app, fleet managers and drivers who use Zonar’s telematics services can manage and deliver Cummins Connected Software Updates to enhance performance of Cummins-powered vehicles, according to Zonar. Users can perform engine software updates on a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles while on the road to scale and expedite service needs, according to Zonar.

With Cummins Connected Software Updates, fleets using Zonar OTAir can improve their operations in a variety of ways, including by reducing downtime, saving money on dealership visits for engine calibration updates, and increasing vehicle health, the supplier reports.

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