GM Fleet and Commercial Operations (FCO) announced the addition of Jim McCallum to the FCO team. McCallum will head up global operations as the global fleet director. In addition, Jonathan Akeroyd, previously of Vauxhall Motors in the UK, is the new global fleet strategy manager. During the past two years, Steve Higgs, global fleet development manager, developed a network of GM fleet managers. Now a 13-member team representing Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, U.S., Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, the Global Fleet Group locally coordinates all major corporate global accounts operating within a highly effective communication process. In 1998, GM signed one global account. By the end of 2000, GM had 12 accounts. The group grew the global customer account base by another 50 percent (12-18 accounts), within the first six months of 2001, plus added 8,000 units to the GM annual volume. Also, the group initiated a new customer follow-up and monitoring process to ensure satisfactory customer support is delivered in all local country areas.