STUTTGART and KAWASAKI, JAPAN -The Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), headquartered in the Japanese city of Kawasaki, received an order from its long-standing customer “National Plant for Healthy Water,” also known as “Hana Water” in Saudi Arabia. The order of 245 vehicles consists of 224 units of the Fuso Canter light-duty truck and 21 Fuso Fighter medium-duty trucks. With this order Hana Water effectively will effectively expand its fleet to a total of 900 commercial vehicles of the Fuso brand, according to the automaker.

Hana Water is headquartered in Riad, the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

The first batch of 100 units of the Fuso trucks have already been delivered to Hana Water by the Fuso authorized dealer in Saudi Arabia, Alesayi Motors. The remaining batch of over 100 vehicles will be delivered in stages until January 2013.

With the “Fuso 2015” growth offensive launched in the previous year, the company is striving to establish itself as a profitable global player with a strong basis in the Japanese home market and a doubling of international sales in the medium term. The ambitious growth program is based on the five strategic pillars: Leader in Green Innovation, Customer Number One in Japan, Profitable Global Player, Efficiency Leader among Japanese Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers, and Employer Number One in Japan. With a view to the successful implementation of the growth strategy, in the middle of 2012 Fuso optimized the sales structure to better satisfy customers` requirements in over 150 markets worldwide.