VANCOUVER, B.C. - Aegis Mobility has acquired ZoomSafer Inc. for an undisclosed amount. The combined companies will now be called DriveSafer. Aegis will offer ZoomSafer’s FleetSafer Mobile and FleetSafer Vision products in addition to the company's Drive Assist software solution. In addition, the two FleetSafer products will add OBD-Bluetooth, telematics integration, and analytics capabilities.

“Employee use of mobile devices while driving is a huge and growing problem costing employers an estimated $50 billion per year,” said Paul Zimmerman, CEO of Aegis Mobility. “ZoomSafer's products are uniquely complementary to ours and, combined, we're the only company in the world capable of supporting a wide range of customer requirements covering the broadest range of vehicle-types and mobile device types.”

“When solving the distracted driving problem for enterprise fleets it's critical to give them flexibility so they can choose the solution that best fits with their unique requirements,” said Matt Howard, ZoomSafer Co-Founder. “Whether integrating into existing telematics systems, utilizing in-vehicle OBD technologies, or implementing software-only GPS-based solutions, the combination of Aegis and ZoomSafer gives customers maximum choice.”

The new DriveSafer will maintain its relationships with industry partners, including PHH Arval.

“Over the past 20 years PHH has helped to pioneer the utilization of advanced safety and risk management solutions for commercial fleet operators across North America,” said Steve DiBiagio, SVP of Strategic Alliances at PHH Arval. “In the same way that Motor Vehicle Records and crash management services have become standard fleet management practices, we're confident companies will increasingly adopt technologies to prevent employee distracted driving - and we're excited to continue our relationship with ZoomSafer, and now Aegis to deliver the world's best solutions to the market.”