TROY, MI – PPG Industries released the results of a survey on automotive color paint color preferences. Although paint color is only one factor, it plays a role in a fleet’s brand impression and in the resale value of the vehicle. PPG broke out its global survey on a regional basis, in addition to providing overall data.

In North America, the colors rank as follows:

1-White 21%
2-Black 19%
3-Silver and Gray 16% (tied)
4-Red 10%
5-Blue 8%
6-Natural 7%
7-Green 3%

The global, overall ranking of colors is somewhat similar but has a few differences from those in the North American region. The colors in terms of global popularity rank as follows:

1-White 22%
2-Silver 20%
3-Black 19%
4-Gray 12%
5-Red 9%
6-Natural 8%
7-Blue 7%
8-Green 2%
9-Other colors 1%

For Europe, the colors rank as follows:

1-White 23%
2-Black 21%
3-Gray 17%
4-Silver 13%
5-Blue, Natural, Red 7% each
6-Other Colors 3%
7-Green 2%

For the Asia-Pacific region, the colors rank as follows:

1-Silver, White 23% each
2-Black 19%
3-Natural 10%
4-Red 9%
5-Gray 8%
6-Blue 7%
7-Green 1%

In 2011, a PPG survey of automotive consumers by PPG found that 77% of respondents said exterior color factored into their purchase decision, with owners of large luxury cars, sporty cars, and large premium SUVs placing the most value on color. A total of 45% of respondents said they would prefer a wider range of color choices.