BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - The next International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) session will take place on November 21st 2012 at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France. The IFMI is a one-day expert training session, exclusively for international fleet managers and fleet executives.

Scope. The European context currently leads to an important decrease in business confidence and growth opportunities since the economic crisis and the financial troubles. On the other side, the BRICS countries and the United States, considered as new emerging regions and markets, show more room for economical growth. To further optimize the management of their respective fleets, Fleet Managers and Executives now start looking beyond the European borders and get active into the other regions of the world. This mainstream development is the principle reason for organizing the session “Focus On Global Fleet Management.”

Benefits of participating. Participants to the IFMI will find the responses on the primary question: “To go global or not to go global?”, hear valuable input from expert speakers on the “regional approaches” and learn about company car fleet taxation differences between Europe and the Rest of the World. The case studies and two workshops, dedicated to “internal processes” and to “market and suppliers,” as well as the car manufacturer perspective on the developments will bring all the additional clarifications for a comprehensive understanding of these new global fleet management trends and challenges.

About the IFMI

The International Fleet Managers Institute, in partnership with Fleet Europe and leading industry players such as ALD Automotive, Athlon Car Lease International, Arval, LeasePlan and pwc, organizes professional training seminars combining the views and experiences of industry experts and fleet executives. The IFMI facilitates knowledge sharing on fleet management strategies and challenges through focused presentations, discussions and workshops.


"The IFMI is an excellent forum to meet and exchange information with our peers, suppliers and OEMs” Michael Zammit, Category Manager, Astellas Pharma

“The IFMI deserves its reputation and position as Europe’s nr 1 institute specialized in fleet. It offers an excellent networking with peers and interaction with industry experts.” Werner Berger, Global Fleet Solution Manager, Nestlé Business Services SA

“The IFMI provides the platform to be abreast of the important key trends of the car leasing industry and to become more aware of best in class solutions in fleet management. It also serves as a great platform for networking.” Corrado Simontacchi, Corporate Purchasing Manager, Goods & Services, EAME, Huntsman

About Fleet Europe

Fleet Europe is the international magazine for corporate fleet decision makers in Europe. With a circulation of 15,000 copies, it reaches decision makers within internationally operating companies and provides strategic information about the international fleet market, leasing companies, car manufacturers, fuel companies, taxation and legislation.

About the Fleet Europe Forum & Awards

The Fleet Europe Forum & Awards will take place the day after the IFMI session. This full day is the ideal moment to listen to expert speakers, gather latest information from automotive and fleet suppliers, meet opinion leaders, develop a quality network and share best practices with International fleet executives, ending with memorable moments during the Fleet Europe Awards ceremony recognizing the achievements of the finest fleet managers throughout Europe.

IMFI Registration fees (VAT excluded): First participant: 595 euro – Second participant of the same company: 495 euro.

All participants of the IFMI Expert session can take part, free of charge, to the Fleet Europe Forum & Awards ceremony on November 22nd 2012.

Registrations are possible either through e-mail to Romina De Gregorio
Tel: +32 4 387 87 94 or directly via the website: