HOUSTON - ARI’s upcoming Fleet Energy Forum, May 15, 2012 in Houston, Texas, is scheduled to host nearly 60 fleet managers and procurement professionals from the energy sector – making it the largest event of its kind ever held! Leaders are convening to discuss topics important to the oil and gas industry, which will include breakout sessions by market segment regarding cost reduction, maintenance, vehicle standardization and upfitting best practices.  

The event has already uncovered some interesting trends and efficiency gaps through a pre-event survey of invitees.  According to the survey the biggest challenges for fleet managers in the industry are managing fuel spend and improving driver efficiency. However, the majority of respondents are missing some key opportunities to control these factors through polices and technology. More than 61 percent have no fuel use policies in place and are not utilizing telematics technology – both of which are proven to decrease fuel spent and help identify driver inefficiency.  

ARI is confident that the forum will provide an opportunity to discuss these and other efficiency opportunities that to help move the industry forward.