DOYLESTOWN, PA – Mission Pharmacal Co. has created a new business unit, called Alamo Pharma Services, to manage its fleet, in addition to a wide range of other business support services.

The company said the new unit’s headquarters will be located in Doylestown, Pa. Also located in Doylestown will be the company’s Commercial Group operations and BioComp Pharma unit.

"We are keenly focused on how Alamo can offer value and provide added benefits through Mission's strategic business partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies servicing similar therapeutic areas," said Terry Herring, president of Alamo Pharma Services. "These types of alliances are critically important to us, and Alamo will work to both establish and enhance them moving forward. Further, as this new subsidiary matures, the opportunity exists for us to fine tune this business unit and offer it to clients on a much broader scale, further enhancing Mission's overall diversification strategy."

Chief operating officer Peter Marchesini will join Herring to run Alamo.

“Our first priority is to provide operational excellence to the Mission Pharmacal teams," Marchesini said. “By building and enhancing internal capabilities and leaning on the rich service offerings of key partner organizations, we are able to support our sales teams at the highest levels in the industry.”

Mission Pharmacal declined to specify fleet numbers, makes, or models when contacted.