TORRANCE, CA - Automotive Fleet releases bonus, expanded coverage of the global fleet market — covering current market trends for fleets in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

You can download the bonus issue content here.

January’s Bonus Automotive Fleet content is designed to help U.S. fleet managers acquire the insight they need about other global fleet markets, and includes reports that, as editor Mike Antich notes in his Market Trends column, show that “despite…differences, there are also many similarities” among the world’s fleet markets and the U.S.

The author, AF Editor Mike Antich, outlines how trends in the global markets reflect and may influence the U.S. fleet market — including vehicle downsizing, sustainability initiatives, and taxation.

This expanded report “2012 State of the Global Fleet Industry” covers, in detail, the challenges faced and innovations being implemented by European, Asian, African, South American, and Australian fleets.

A case study on “Accident Management Trends in the Australian Fleet Market,” which details the significant ways this unique market reflects and differs from the U.S., including its personal use culture and the leading causes of Australian fleet-related accidents.