PROVO, UT – Home automation company Vivint launched a fleet for its new solar group within its energy division in October 2011. The new group and its fleet will focus on solar installation for residential customers across the U.S. Automotive Fleet spoke with the President of Vivint Solar, Tanguy Serra, about the new fleet.

Serra explained that the new fleet for its solar division is in a growth phase, with an eventual goal of 100 vehicles. He said the company sees huge potential for the solar market.

“We think of solar like broadband – current penetration is at 0.2% of US households, and we see it growing very fast,” Serra said. With this potential for growth comes the need to add properly outfitted vehicles to its fleet. The new solar group has a dedicated solar team that will handle installations and be driving its vehicles.

“We are expanding the fleet rapidly,” Serra said. “We have Isuzu box trucks and 2011 Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks. We needed cars that could have ladder racks for the pickup trucks and be customized with our colors and the box trucks needed to carry a full day’s worth of installs.”

Serra said the company has outfitted its vehicles with racking systems in order to allow for tools, ladders, harnesses, and other equipment needed for installation.

Vivint has internal fleet managers and works with a leasing company, though Serra declined to specify which leasing company Vivint is working with. He said leasing provides Vivint with the flexibility to upgrade vehicles based on business needs.

In addition to the new fleet for its solar group, the company is working on reducing fuel costs and improving safety.

“We are in the process of changing some driving policies to improve our fuel usage and gain more MPGs for our overall fleet,” Serra said. “Going forward in the new year, I would like to implement new standards and driving habits through various methods, such as training, possibly telematics. We would like to be known as one of the safest fleets in America.”

In 2011, Vivint had expanded its fleet by 330 vehicles, purchasing Dodge Nitros (shown above) for use by its field technicians.

By Greg Basich