INGOLSTADT, GERMANY - Audi is expanding its engine lineup with a new high-performance gasoline engine, its 4.0L TFSI V-8. The new engine is used in the S6, S7, and S8 (Audi hasn’t confirmed whether it plans to bring the new S7 and S8 to the U.S.).

This new V-8 is lightweight and smaller at less than 20 inches in length. The cylinder case is a cast aluminum-silicon alloy. The engine uses Audi’s FSI direct injection technology. Forced induction replaces displacement, where one turbocharger in each cylinder bank compresses the intake air (called twinscroll technology).

Audi’s cylinder management technology improves fuel efficiency. It deactivates two cylinders in each bank in low to intermediate load and rev ranges.

The automaker said the 4.0L TFSI employs all the technologies from Audi’s modular efficiency platform. They include measures to reduce friction, the start-stop system, the recuperation system, and thermal management that deactivates the water pump during the warmup phase to rapidly increase the oil temperature.