MT LAUREL, NJ – ARI, Automotive Resources International, a leading global provider of complex car and truck fleet services, has reactivated its toll-free Hurricane Hotline to provide 24/7 support and answer questions from its clients with fleet vehicles affected by Hurricane Irene.

According to Senior Vice President of Operations and Client Relations Frank Cardile, the resulting flooding and wind damage which spans much of the east coast has affected many ARI customers with drivers or locations in these areas.

“Our staff will be available to answer any questions from all ARI clients who are affected by the aftermath or need vehicle support to assist with the recovery,” states Cardile.

ARI clients and their drivers can call the Hurricane Fleet Hotline at any time for any urgent vehicle inquiry: 866-FLEET59 (1-866-353-3859). A live ARI representative will be available 24/7 for assistance.