MEMPHIS, TN – FedEx is discussing integrating five specific “eco driving” practices into its reporting in its online fleet management system. The company said in a blog post that after the short-term fuel shortage in Japan that resulted from the earthquake in that country, eco-driving practices became essential to conserve fuel. The company said its drivers were able to successfully stretch the amount of fuel available.

The five eco-driving practices that FedEx said worked well in Japan for FedEx include the following:

  • No idling while stopped
  • Gentle acceleration
  • Maintaining flat speed
  • Easing off the accelerator early before braking
  • Careful use of A/C

The company also released some sustainability stats about its fleet operations in the company’s recent FedEx Annual Report 2011, including the fact that it’s 75 percent toward its goal of reducing fuel use by 20 percent by 2020. The company also said that its 4,000 new Sprinter vans get double the fuel efficiency of the vehicles they’re replacing.