CYPRESS, CA – Mitsubishi Motors North America’s new 2012-MY i electric vehicle has received an EPA-rated MPGe rating of 126 city and 99 highway, 112 MPGe combined, according to a news release from the company. The EPA also gave the new i a “real-world” (i.e. tested under more aggressive driving conditions) driving range of 62 miles.

The EPA also rated the new i at an LA4 driving range of 98 miles. The LA4 driving cycle test involves a driving distance of 7.5 miles and includes stops along the way. This test is designed to mimic city driving conditions with numerous starts and stops.

The company said MSRP for this vehicle is $27,990 before any tax credits are applied.

In a related news release, Mitsubishi also unveiled a solar-powered EV charging station at its Cypress, Calif. headquarters. The automaker said the charging station is powered by 96, 175W photovoltaic modules from Mitsubishi Electric.

The company said the station can charge up to four vehicles at once and features three different types of chargers, each with a different voltage level. The charger types include the standard level 1 voltage (110v), which can deliver a 100 percent charge in 22 hours on the new Mitsubishi i, according to the company; the level 2 (220v,) which can charge this vehicle in six hours; and level 3 CHAdeMO Quick Charger, which can charge the i to 80 percent battery capacity in 25 minutes.

Source: Mitsubishi