ERLANGER, KY – Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (TEMA) announced it is further adjusting its production schedule in May due to parts availability. The automaker had previously announced production suspensions on Mondays and Fridays from April 15 – 25, and the company plans to continue this suspension schedule through June 3. Production will also run at 50 percent on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The automaker added it will suspend Canadian production during the week of May 23, in conjunction with the scheduled Victoria Day holiday, and U.S. production will be suspended the week of May 30, in conjunction with the scheduled Memorial Day holiday.

The company stated it is not planning any layoffs.

“We are trying to continue production as much as possible and keep our workforce intact in order to facilitate a smooth transition back to full production when all parts are available,” said Steve St. Angelo, executive vice president of TEMA.

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA) plans to adjust production in May due to parts availability following the March 11 Japan earthquake and tsunami.