Audi’s A8 was named in Ward’s 10 Best Interiors listing. Ward’s had the following to say about the A8’s interior:

“The A8 dazzles Ward’s editors with gorgeous features such as high-gloss wood on seat backs and suede inserts on the dramatically styled door panels. The gear shifter in the center console also serves as a ‘clever lever’ for resting the heel of the right hand while working the Multimedia Interface central controller.”

The A8’s interior offers ambient lighting and adjustable rear seats. Audi said the focus of the interior design was to provide a sense of spaciousness, intuitive control, comfort, and luxury. Elements within the interior were designed to take up as little room as possible, e.g. the MMI screen which folds away. The wrap-around ‘skyliner’ design gives a sense of roominess while connecting the driver and passengers, and the ambient lighting gives a feeling of ‘lightness’ to the interior and a ‘floating’ center console.

Other interior features include its Multi Media Interface MMI, which features MMI touch. This MMI touch system enables the driver to control many functions intuitively; for example, the navigation destination can be entered by tracing the letters on the pad with a finger.

MMI navigation plus is networked with the advanced driver assistance and safety systems. It reads the road ahead in the navigation data and provides this information to the control units for the automatic transmission, the headlights, and Audi’s adaptive cruise control with stop and go function.