ATLANTA - Atlanta-based Discrete Wireless, Inc., the value leader in GPS vehicle management and fleet tracking solutions, today announced the launch of MARCUS Pulse, a dashboard module available to all customers using the MARCUS Fleet Tracking application.

With MARCUS Pulse, fleet managers, dispatchers and administrators can provide management with an overview of fleet-related key performance indicators (KPIs) and use those metrics to improve business processes and fleet operations.

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of Discrete Wireless, Inc., said, “The ability to generate fleet management reports through an intuitive dashboard can quickly help fleet managers/owners pinpoint the causes that increase cost and reduce asset reliability. Dashboard reporting results in informed decisions that drive the right process and behavior changes to reduce costs and increase efficiency, directly improving the bottom line.”

From a high-level perspective, MARCUS Pulse gives an at-a-glance view of the most relevant metrics provided for fleets or vehicles. The summary view for each metric displays whether the performance for the selected fleet or mobile is above or below the organization’s goals, which is definable by the manager and business.

MARCUS Pulse users can also easily navigate to a detailed view to gain a granular evaluation of a fleet or vehicle’s performance, to optimize driver and fleet behavior.

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