NORCROSS, GA - Fuelman announced the launch of its Commercial Advantage and Diesel Advantage fleet cards, offering businesses a new way to save money on fuel purchases for company vehicles, with wholesale-based pricing on unleaded and diesel fuel purchases.

Similar to purchasing other business supplies, wholesale-based pricing lets businesses take advantage of savings on the fuel they use to run their fleet operations. A unique concept in fleet fuel cards, wholesale-based pricing is calculated as the cost of fuel plus a small margin for freight and transaction costs, which can save businesses up to ten cents per gallon on diesel purchases and up to eight cents per gallon on the combination of diesel and unleaded purchases.

"Fuelman's proprietary processing system allows our customers to purchase fuel based on its actual cost rather than the retail mark-up. So, regardless of the price swings seen on any given street corner, Fuelman customers of all sizes, can rest assured that they are getting the maximum savings available by purchasing at a whole-sale based price everywhere the fleet card is accepted.  With the rising price of fuel showing no signs of slowing down, wholesale-based pricing will provide an essential advantage for businesses that want to remain competitive in 2011," says Pamela B. Bartz, vice-president of marketing for Fuelman.

Both the Commercial Advantage and Diesel Advantage fleet cards offer fuel savings with the enhanced purchasing control features that business needs as well as reporting to help control fleet expenses, monitor fuel efficiency, track spending by driver and vehicle, and prevent unauthorized purchases before they happen. Both fleet cards are accepted at a national network of 40,000 fueling sites and over 23,000 name brand maintenance locations, which can easily be found with the new Fuelman Site Locator Application available as a free download through the iTunes App Store, or the online site locator at