TORRANCE, CA - In 2010, the stories that sparked the most interest from commercial fleet professionals included the state of the industry and fleet practices, tips for selling/leasing vehicles, and the pros and cons of extending vehicle lifecycles.

Below are the "Top 10 Automotive Fleet Articles" for 2010.

State of the Fleet Market Outside North America

When's the Right Time for a Sale/Leaseback?

Fleet Vehicles: 'Kicked Up' & Unique

Should Companies Charge Employees Deductibles for Preventable Accidents?

Hard & Soft Cost Impacts of Extended Vehicle Cycling

Analyzing the Industry Trend to Extend Replacement Cycles: Part I

Siemens Streamlines Vehicle Relocation

GREEN FLEET: Telematics Sensor-Equipped Trucks Help UPS Control Costs

Commercial Fleet Buying Intentions Remain Cautious for 2011-MY

Commercial Fleets See Cost Savings from Telematics