RESTON, VA - ZoomSafer, a leading provider of policy management software to prevent distracted driving, has released a new video titled, "How to Reduce Distracted Driving Risk, Liability and Expense."

The video is designed to educate employers and businesses about the risks of employee distracted driving and the importance of using technology to enforce a company's safe driving policy.

"Fifty percent of employees admit to texting and e-mailing while behind the wheel. The average cost of a single crash with injuries is more than $120,000. And, texting while driving is now illegal in 38 states," said ZoomSafer CEO Matt Howard. "If you are an employer, the odds are not in your favor. Sooner or later it is likely that you will be held responsible for an employee being involved in a distracted driving accident and the repercussions could be crippling for your business if you are not prepared."

FleetSafer allows companies to better manage their cell phone use policies. FleetSafer includes an administrative portal for end-user management and reporting, a client application that enforces a company's safe driving policy and a set of optional hands-free services.

FleetSafer helps businesses ensure that employees use mobile phones in a safe, legal and responsible manner while driving, ZoomSafer said. FleetSafer is also designed to help reduce crashes and associated expenses and to minimize the corporate risk and liability related to distracted driving. The program can even help lower company insurance rates.

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