NORTHBROOK, IL - Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in safety testing and certification, has introduced a new initiative to develop and launch electric vehicle installation training programs.

These programs will be aimed at furthering the development and installation of electric vehicle charging equipment.

To support the anticipated demand for electric vehicles, the race is on to develop, manufacture and install a large enough network of charging stations so that mass-market adoption of electric vehicles can become a reality.

Offered through UL University, UL's new training programs will provide a platform for various stakeholders involved in the design, construction, installation and inspection of electric vehicle charging equipment. A training module, as well as a hands-on testing component, will allow participants to demonstrate their understanding of relevant National Electric Code (NEC) articles, various installation requirements, UL electric vehicle safety standards and emerging electric vehicle infrastructure technology. UL is also developing programs for code officials and inspectors, installers and designers.

"The industry is well aware that the availability of safely installed charging stations poses a limiting factor in how quickly Americans adopt electric vehicles," said Gary Savin, UL's vice president and general manager for the electric vehicle and global power and control business unit. "We believe that the creation of these training programs can speed up the development, installation and inspection of the electric vehicle charging equipment process within the United States. And we plan on developing similar programs for other countries around the world."

UL anticipates that the training programs will be launched in the early fall of 2010, in time for the introduction of the plug-in and battery electric vehicle. In addition to the general training program for installers, UL will also create a company-specific training program that will allow for infrastructure equipment manufacturers to have installers trained on their equipment.

Moreover, UL is developing a webinar on UL's EV safety standards. This webinar will focus on electric vehicle standards for off-board equipment as well as offer a brief overview of international standards. UL anticipates that the electric vehicle UL standards webinar will be held in the early fall of 2010.