RESTON, VA - ZoomSafer, a provider of policy management software to prevent distracted driving released a new safe-driving video titled, "Distracted Driving: A Company's Worst Nightmare."

The video provides corporate managers with a realistic and sobering view of the significant risk associated with employee use of mobile phones while driving.

Risk and Insurance magazine recently hosted a webinar on the topic, citing several cases to illustrate that distracted driving is one of the top insurance losses for corporations, averaging $100,000 per incident. In one case, a brokerage firm employee hit and severely injured a motorcyclist while driving his personal vehicle. It was discovered that the employee was discussing business while he was on the phone and his employer was forced to pay $500,000 to settle the suit. In another case, an employer had to pay $18 million when an employee caused an accident that killed three and injured 15 because he took his eyes off the road to check his company cell phone.

"Any person driving a vehicle while using a mobile phone for work is exposing his or her employer to massive liability," said ZoomSafer CEO Matt Howard. "Companies can either wake up to this reality and implement policies and solutions to proactively prevent distracted driving, or they can do nothing and pay the enormous price when the inevitable crash occurs."