SPRINGFIELD, IL - A bill banning the use of lead wheel weights in the state of Illinois is awaiting Governor Pat Quinn's approved signature, according to Modern Tire Dealer.

Senate Bill SB3347, which amends the state's Environmental Protection Act, will require that beginning Jan. 1, 2012, no person in Illinois may:

"sell, distribute, and 'in certain circumstances use' a weight or other product to balance a vehicle wheel or tire 'if the weight or other product contains...  more than 0.1 percent lead by weight.' "

In addition, the bill would prevent anyone from selling a new vehicle equipped with such a "weight or other product" beginning in 2012.

The ruling also applies to wheel weights containing mercury if the mercury "was intentionally added during the manufacturing process."

The original bill was introduced into the Illinois legislature on Feb. 10, 2010. The bill was sent to the governor less than four months later, on May 27, reported MTD.