WASHINGTON - Mobility Transportation Services is recalling certain MY 2007-2009 conversion vans built on Ford E150, E250 and E350 chassis and fitted with Ricon public use lifts, NHTSA reported. 

The restraint belt on these lifts was designed to prevent the lift from moving, unless the tongue of the belt is fully engaged and latched in the buckle. Ricon has discovered, however, that it is possible for the operator to insert the belt tongue into the buckle without fully engaging the latching mechanism. In this case, the restraint belt would appear to be latched and the operator could run the lift. If the restraint belt tongue is not fully engaged into the restraint belt buckle and latched, the lift may operate with an occupant on the platform. This poses a safety risk. 

The safety recall begins this month. Ricon will perform the remedy for this safety campaign. 

Owners can contact Ricon at (818) 267-3000 or MTS at (734) 453-6452.