DETROIT - Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm on April 30 signed a legislative package making Michigan the 24th state to ban text messaging while driving, the Detroit News reported. 

Granholm signed the three-bill package into law at a pep rally at General Motors' Renaissance Center, as Oprah Winfrey watched via a video hookup to her TV show in Chicago. The pep rally was featured on the show. 

"Driving while texting is the ultimate distraction," Granholm said to a cheering crowd of about 400 people at the GM Renaissance Center, just before she signed her name to the legislation. "You lose the use of both your eyes and your hands while behind the wheel. I'm very happy that Michigan has joined 23 other states and the District of Columbia with texting bans." 

"Today is a call to action to stop the madness of distracted driving," Winfrey said on her show.

Beginning July 1, anyone caught texting while driving in Michigan will be subject to a $100 fine for a first offense. Subsequent offenses will be subject to a $200 fine. 

The law was passed after months of wrangling by state legislators.