LANSING, MI - The Michigan Senate on April 27 approved the final piece of legislation in a bills package seeking to ban texting while driving. 

However, the Senate bill did not eliminate some driver penalties -- a move that was against the wishes of the House, the Detroit News reported. Instead, the Senate made changes that designated that the fines go to support public libraries. 

The bill, the final piece of a three-bill texting ban, now goes back to the House. 

Last week, the House approved the three-bill texting ban, but chose to amend one bill to divert fees to the general fund if legislation also passes eliminating "driver responsibility" fees charged to drivers who accumulate too many points on their license, the Detroit News reported. 

If the Senate and House can resolve the legislative differences and the package ultimately passes, drivers in violation could be fined $100 for the first offense and up to $200 for subsequent offenses.