TORRANCE, CA - Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) U.S.A. on April 19 said it will conduct a voluntary safety recall on approximately 9,400 2010 MY Lexus GX 460 sport utility vehicles to update software in the SUV's Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system.  

No other Toyota, Lexus or Scion vehicles are involved in this recall. 

The VSC system helps control a loss of traction in turns as a result of front or rear wheel slippage during cornering. The recall comes in response to a Consumer Reports warning that the vehicle's electronic stability control took too long to adjust during a standard test. In that test, a driver approached a turn unusually fast and then released the gas pedal to simulate the response of an alarmed driver. The rear of the SUV then slid outward, the magazine said.  

This vehicle response increases the chances of a rollover accident if one of the sliding wheels were to hit a curb or another object, Consumer Reports concluded.  

"Our engineers have conducted tests to confirm the VSC performance issue raised by Consumer Reports, and we are confident this VSC software update addresses the concern," said Steve St. Angelo, Toyota chief quality officer for North America. 

All Lexus dealers will have the VSC software update by the end of April, Toyota said. Once the software update is available at dealerships, vehicle owners can bring their 2010 GX 460 to a dealer for the update at no cost. The update should take approximately one hour, depending on the dealers' work schedule. 

Starting in early May, Lexus will begin mailing letters to GX 460 owners included in this recall. Lexus will provide a courtesy vehicle to anyone who has purchased a 2010 GX 460 and has concerns about driving it until the recall work has been completed.