BREA, CA - Following the successful initial rollout of its 2010 Kizashi (pronounced "Kee-Zah-Shee"), American Suzuki Motor Corp. (ASMC) launches an integrated marketing campaign designed to highlight the standout features and class-leading characteristics of its all-new sport sedan.  

"To extend the reach of Suzuki's marketing efforts and further illustrate the Kizashi's premium driving experience without the premium price, we will implement a multi-faceted ad campaign centered around the core strengths of Suzuki's flagship Kizashi sport sedan," said Gene Brown, vice president of marketing and PR, American Suzuki Automotive Operations. "We believe this integrated approach will help us drive additional traffic to dealer showrooms as well as increase Kizashi's awareness with potential sport sedan buyers across the country."

Developed in conjunction with El Segundo, Calif.-based Siltanen & Partners Advertising, the campaign positions the sleek and sophisticated Kizashi as a truly affordable alternative to luxury performance sedans, leveraging the exceptional praise the vehicle has received from initial press reviews. One of the three print ads currently in circulation shows the Kizashi surrounded by journalist quotes with the headline, "Words don't do it justice, but they're giving it their best shot."

The campaign also features one 30-second television commercial developed to communicate the vehicle's aggressive styling and premium interior attributes and content. Fittingly titled "Rich Guys," a voiceover says, "Remember when sleek, finely created performance sedans were just for rich guys with money to burn? Well, those days are officially over."

'Wicked Weather' Met Its Match With All-New Kizashi

The second part of Suzuki's new ad campaign is designed to illustrate the Kizashi's all-wheel-drive performance and handling credentials and will focus primarily on U.S. regions where owning an all-wheel-drive vehicle is a necessity. The centerpiece of Suzuki's "Wicked Weather" marketing push is a provocative television ad that features an unsuspecting Kizashi driver who finds himself being attacked by a group of evil snowmen. The commercial will be tagged with a special all-wheel-drive lease offer and an extended length version of the spot will be available on YouTube. In key markets, the television campaign will be augmented by a series of radio, newspaper, out-of-home and online creative to further illustrate the Kizashi's all-wheel-drive capability at a competitive price point.


Suzuki also will soon launch its first-ever Facebook game to coincide with the "Wicked Weather" television spot. The interactive, time attack-style video game places the user behind the wheel of an all-wheel-drive Kizashi. The object of the game is for the user to dodge snowball-throwing snowmen, lightning bolts and pot holes on the way home. The exit window of the game lists the player's final time and allows users to challenge their friends to compete against their scores. The Web-based "Wicked Winter" game will be live on Suzuki's Facebook Fan Page at and consumer Web site at

"Suzuki's theatrical approach in the television commercial and interactivity of the online video game bring consumers an unexpected adventure," said Rob Siltanen, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Siltanen & Partners Advertising. "We believe this campaign will encourage consumers to learn more about this great brand."

Visit to view the creative for the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi marketing campaign.

2010 Suzuki Auto Product Line

Suzuki Auto's versatile line of vehicles includes the spirited four-door SX4 Sport, all-wheel drive five-door SX4 Crossover, refined Grand Vitara compact SUV, award-winning Equator pickup truck and all-new 2010 Kizashi and SX4 SportBack. Every vehicle in the line provides Suzuki's standout virtues of durability, leading-edge style and high-end features at very competitive prices. All 2010 Suzuki automobiles are backed by America's #1 Warranty: a 100,000-mile/seven-year, fully transferable, zero-deductible powertrain limited warranty.