WASHINGTON - Pepco Holdings recently rolled out its latest hybrid bucket truck and hybrid plug-in SUV at the "Advanced Technology Superhighway" area of the Washington Auto Show.

Pepco is investing in hybrid vehicles and biodiesel fuel for its fleet, and is planning to transition the fleet of passenger vehicles, light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, and miscellaneous fleet equipment as part of a larger strategy to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of alternative fuels, and reduce its environmental impact, according to a company statement.

Pepco is currently purchasing hybrid vehicles for replacement of passenger vehicles and some medium-duty bucket trucks. The hybrid bucket truck on display operates on biodiesel fuel. When the bucket is in use, it operates in quiet electric-only mode eliminating the need for constant vehicle idling to power the aerial device.

Beginning in 2009, 100 percent of the passenger vehicles purchased by Pepco were hybrid. Pepco's fleet currently includes 32 hybrid passenger cars, 19 hybrid SUVs, and five hybrid bucket trucks for a total of 56 hybrid vehicles.