PRINCETON, NJ - ALK Technologies, Inc. has launched PC*MILER|Web, an Internet-based version of ALK's industry standard PC*MILER software for owner operators, fleets, brokers, or anyone else who needs instant, accurate mileage for rate calculation or truck-specific driving directions and maps. The new service is available on the web through any Internet-connected computer, in the office, at home, or on the road.

PC*MILER|Web replaces ALK's web service,, with upgrades that include street-level and hazardous materials routing and routes for an unlimited number of stops. The new service also offers additional reports and mapping functionality. Since it is hosted on the Internet through a tier-one data center, regular updates are available to all users as they are made at no additional cost.

Pricing for PC*MILER|Web is based on a monthly subscription rather than eMILER's per-route charges. Three subscription packages: Lite, Standard, and Premium, offer increasing levels of access to PC*MILER's proprietary North American truck-specific database. ALK is currently offering a free trial of PC*MILER|Web which allows 48 hours of access.

At only $19.95 per month, PC*MILER|Web Lite provides instant point-to-point mileage and routing. Shippers, carriers, brokers, and third-party logistics companies can use the service to rate shipments. The same parties can use Lite to confirm mileage on shipments rated by others. Similarly, owner operators and company drivers can verify their route and pay miles.

Lite provides truck-specific routing for a single shipment or a load with one stop-off. A user can choose between Practical and Shortest routes and routes that favor or avoid selected roads or border crossings. Distances can be in either miles or kilometers. Lite users can also generate customized maps, trip distance reports, and detailed driving directions.

PC*MILER|Web Standard offers more options, including National Network and Toll-Discouraged routing, as well as multi-stop route optimization. Premium provides access to ALK's North American street-level database for dock-to-dock mapping and directions plus routing for hazardous materials, truck-specific toll costs, and much more.

For more information and a free trial, visit: The free trial provides access to Premium for 48 hours.

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