CONCORD, MA --- Illume Software has released iZUP, a mobile application designed to eliminate cell phone-related distractions for drivers. 

Available for download at, iZUP waits quietly in the background and automatically launches when it detects that a phone is in a vehicle traveling over five miles per hour. While the user is driving, incoming calls are sent to voice mail and text messages are held until the vehicle stops and the driver can read and respond to them safely. iZUP also prevents outgoing communication while driving, yet always allows emergency calls to 9-1-1 and authorized numbers, such as a parent's cell phone. 

"While most Americans are aware of the very real dangers of texting and driving, the habit of cell phone use while driving is a pervasive and difficult behavior to change," said Illume CEO Matthew Growney. "We believe that a technology solution combined with legislation will ultimately be necessary to stop the widespread practice of texting and driving. iZUP provides drivers with an important safeguard that will, ultimately, be as routine as seat belt usage."