SAN DIEGO --- SmartDrive Systems, a leader in fleet safety, has released the all-new SmartDrive Event Player. The new Event Player is designed to make it faster and easier for fleet managers and coaches to screen and understand events at a glance and coach drivers to improve fleet safety, the company said. 

The new SmartDrive Event Player quickly streams multiple high-resolution video streams, with interactive features detailing speed, g-force, and a complete play-by-play of observed risky driving behaviors noted during the SmartDrive Expert Review, a 55-point safety evaluation that scores and prioritizes events based on severity. The new Player allows users to instantly snap the video to any observation in a single click, eliminating the need to search through clips to find the important segments, making for faster screening and more effective coaching. 

The new Player also allows coaches to add their own annotation to an event, which gets added to the play-by-play for use in team training and coaching sessions. This capability provides coaches the ability to tailor their coaching message and ensure that important elements get communicated. 

Built to take advantage of Microsoft Silverlight technology, the Player integrates quick zoom and keyboard shortcuts that help users navigate through multiple videos more quickly. 

"Because we transport people, ensuring the utmost safety of our operators, passengers, and the community in which we operate is our top priority," said Virginia Werly, contract operations manager for Riverside Transit Agency. "The new SmartDrive Event Player makes it easier than ever for us to coach our team. The ability to jump directly to the important areas of an event and add our own comments directly into the timeline helps us quickly provide positive, constructive feedback to our drivers, and is highly successful in driving behavioral change."