EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - GE Capital Fleet Services will host a Webinar, Dec. 1, examining current and potential federal legislation and its impact on the fleet industry.

Specifically, the event will address "the abundance of greenhouse gas legislation and government stimulus that will affect how companies with fleets do business in the future. The Webinar will also cover how companies can apply strategies to their fleets to address these government mandates," according to a GE Capital Fleet Services spokesperson.

The free Webinar, scheduled 2 p.m. ET, will feature Larry Boggs, GE counsel for legal and regulatory affairs, and Mark Smith, strategic consulting services leader for GE Capital Fleet Services.

In addition to fleet managers, the Internet presentation is aimed at CFOs, CEOs, and other "C-Level" corporate positions. "The Webinar will provide CEOs and CFOs with an understanding of cost savings achieved through reduction in fuel consumption and increase in productivity, such as re-sequencing existing routes and re-assigning deliveries," said GE Capital Fleet Services.

Webinar participants will be able to interact directly with speakers by submitting questions during the online seminar. Subject matter covered will include legislation, medium-to-heavy truck regulations, electric vehicle application, and more, according to GE Capital Fleet Services.

To register for the Webinar, click here. The session will be recorded and will be available by request. For further information, e-mail GE Capital Fleet Services at fleetwebinar@ge.com.

The presentation is part of the GE Capital Fleet Services' Environmental Performance Webinar series, which examines fleet industry trends. Upcoming Webinar topics and dates include medium and heavy truck environmental policy update, Dec. 8, and electric vehicles and the smart grid, Jan. 12.