SPARKS, MD - PHH Arval announced major enhancements to its unique Preventive Maintenance (PM) program, which proactively sends automated email notifications to fleet drivers when it's time to get work done on their company-provided vehicles. The enhancements include:

Additional flexibility. Clients now have the ability to customize the automated email notification intervals as desired. For clients whose business is seasonal, they can suppress certain preventive maintenance services during the down months.

More reports, more details. Reports now provide more detailed information on key and non-key services. In addition, new reports have been added that provide insight into overdue notifications, DOT compliance and overdue Preventive Maintenance services.

Odometer Warehouse fine-tuning. PHH's Odometer Warehouse draws information from every transaction that tracks odometers - fuel, maintenance, accidents, etc. Now, PHH has implemented business intelligence that factors in seasonal usage and enables better validation of odometer readings for more accurate forecasts on when PM work is due.

Ability to upload bulk odometer readings from onsite facilities. For fleets that operate onsite fuel or maintenance facilities, PHH now has the ability to upload odometer readings from these outside sources in bulk - a major plus for truck fleets that value PM notifications to their drivers.

According to Pam Walinski, vice president, Customer and Vehicle Services for PHH Arval, "As far as we know, PHH continues to be the only fleet management company that offers proactive, automated notifications and follow-ups for preventive maintenance, based on each client's specific policies. These enhancements add even more value to a program that is helping fleets reduce maintenance costs and keep their drivers productively on the road."

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