CINCINNATI - Mike Albert Vehicle Fleet Management recently launched a telematics product designed to give companies a new level of insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of their fleets.

Telematics, a wireless vehicle management system, offers a powerful combination of advanced vehicle location data and remote diagnostic technology. Telematics captures data from engine computers and global positioning systems (GPS) and transmits it to Mike Albert's Customer Access site, allowing companies to monitor and manage their fleet like never before.  

In addition to real-time vehicle location information, users have access to a multitude of online reports detailing speed violations, fuel usage, vehicle emissions, stop and idle duration, odd-hours driving, and more. The system can also send real-time alerts - via e-mail or SMS text - identifying various issues at the exact moment they occur. The result is increased productivity and a lower cost of doing business.

These features give customers the advantage of decreased fuel costs, reduced labor and overtime expenses, minimized idle time, and a smaller environmental impact, while at the same time improving customer service and increasing driver safety and security.

About Mike Albert Vehicle Fleet Management

Cincinnati-based Mike Albert Vehicle Fleet Management is one of the top 12 automotive lessors in the country, and is currently the nation's number one privately held Closed End lessor.  Mike Albert also offers Open End leasing, Purchase-Leaseback options, and a comprehensive list of fleet management services, including MaxFleet Maintenance Management, AutoTag registration renewal, accident management, fuel card, remarketing, and more.  For more information, visit