GAINESVILLE, GA - The overall car segment increased again last week, with four of the 10 car segments up, and increases larger than decreases, according to Ricky Beggs, VP and managing editor at Black Book. Twelve of the 14 truck segments also held the line or increased last week, with only compact SUVs and compact pickups decreased at -$6 and -$4 respectively.

"An interesting note is that only two segments, the mid-size crossovers and luxury SUVs, had gains greater than the previous week. I feel this might be another indication that the strength in the market values might be slowing somewhat," said Beggs.

The number of daily adjustments for "Clean Condition" vehicles was just under 500 vehicles. Fifty-seven percent of the changes for the week were increases averaging +$184. While including the vehicles that depreciated this past week from the previous week, the overall market adjustments were still positive coming in at an increase of just under $50.

"Looking at 30- and 90-day trend reports, both time periods showed positive value adjustments for domestic car, import car, domestic truck, and import truck segments. These ranged from a 0.83-percent increase in the last 30 days for import cars to a 1.6-percent increase for the domestic truck segment," said Beggs. For the previous quarter the increases were even stronger overall, with the smallest increase domestic cars at 0.18 percent to a 4.13-percent increase on domestic trucks.

"Confirming our love affair with trucks and SUVs, the annual market changes from August 2008 to present showed the import truck segment depreciating only -5.9 percent while the Domestic Truck segment increased 2.2 percent over the past year," noted Beggs.