MT. LAUREL, NJ - Automotive Resources International announced a new feature within its dynamic life cycle analysis tool that shows each vehicle's direct impact on the environment. 

This feature of ARI's Web-based fleet management system, ARI insights, shows side-by-side comparisons of vehicles and the annual pounds of carbon they will expel. Interactive gauges and dials allow clients to perform 'what-if' scenarios by adjusting the lease term, miles driven, fuel cost and ratio of city versus highway driving to calculate the vehicle's carbon footprint and other key metrics.

The teamwork of ARI's client information systems and strategic consulting departments produced this enhancement to ARI's dynamic life cycle analysis tool. Carbon output estimates are available for both gas and diesel-fueled vehicles. 

"Beyond just knowing the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, this carbon output tool now allows clients to see the direct effect each vehicle will have on the environment," commented John Mack, manager, environmental and fuel strategies. "Companies' carbon footprints are being scrutinized, and this tool gives fleet managers information to make informed decisions for 'greening' their fleets."