FAIRFAX, VA - Sokolis Group, a nationwide outsourced fuel management and fuel consulting company, announced that Trailways will outsource fuel management to Sokolis Group in order to streamline its fleet fuel operations and fuel market intelligence for its group. Trailways, a motorcoach transportation firm, has operating authority throughout North America, and in Europe; their group of passenger-transport service providers utilizes over 4,500 for-hire transportation vehicles; of which, more than 2,000 are luxury-styled, full-size motorcoaches.

"This is one of the best partnering programs to be afforded the Trailways Team in a long time; providing our motorcoach companies a means which helps them save across-the-board; not only in the procurement of fuel as well as managing fuel consumption," said Gale Ellsworth, president/CEO of Trailways. "Sokolis Group delivers a comprehensive, cost-effective fuel management program, which provides our operators discounted fuel cost procurement and day-to-day usage oversight; an operational tool necessary to survive in today's world of ground transport challenges. Trailways is proud to partner with the Sokolis Group who can help our network stay ahead of the curveball constantly thrown by world fuel markets."

Sokolis Group are fuel experts, our bus-transport carriers are the best at providing excellent transportation services to our customers, but don't have the time or resources to optimize fuel sourcing.

The combination of Sokolis Group's fuel industry expertise, value added relationships with fuel provider and hands on fuel account management will help Trailways:

  • Reduce financial exposure to fuel price volatility with reduced fuel cost and improved fuel discounts
  • Optimize fuel inventory and fuel processes
  • Gain strategic fuel consulting for each independently owned operator
  • Take advantage of alternate fuel supply in Trailways go green effort
  • Increase transparency with regard to fuel purchases, fuel taxes and fuel emissions
  • Automate fuel invoices and fuel delivery reconciliation

With more than 20 million customers depending on Trailways for transportation each year, the corporation requires a proven outsourced fuel management service.

"I feel very good about our partnership with Trailways. We will be able to provide them a very comprehensive view of the fuel market place. Our staff will give them the best customer service they have ever seen while providing them savings of tens of thousand of dollars a month," said Glen Sokolis, president of Sokolis Group. "Additionally, Trailways wants to do what is right for the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. We will work with Trailways on alternative fuels, idling programs and other means to improve their green footprint. With the strategic agreement we have in place with www.360FuelCard.com we can help ensure they reach their goals by off setting a portion of their CO2 emissions with each fueling. 360FuelCard.com is a green fleet card that allows users to fuel anywhere while giving them a fuel discount at thousands of sites across the country. 360FuelCard.com then gives a portion of their profits to Carbonfund.org to help offset the effects of the fuel used."