CLEVELAND, OH --- Mobile Awareness LLC, a provider of transportation safety products, has introduced the SE (Sensor Enhancement) version of its SenseStat Obstacle Detection Sensor System family. 

The products are designed to prevent backing accidents on commercial vehicles. 

SenseStat is an Obstacle Detection Sensor System that simultaneously monitors four zones at the rear of a vehicle, indicating the area closest to an object. It is extremely accurate (within one inch) and designed for use on commercial, off-road, lift truck and construction vehicles, the manufacturer said. 

The SenseStat SE version's design offers improved protection of the sensors, while providing greater mounting flexibility and reliability, Mobile Awareness said. The product carries a three-year limited warranty. 

Installation of SenseStat SE is adaptable to most vehicle configurations. The SenseStat SE can be mounted directly to the vehicle vertically or horizontally, providing a level plane for optimum sensor positioning. 

"Mobile Awareness continues to see an increasing demand among commercial fleets for more cost-effective and easily installed safety systems," said Brandon Stotsenburg, director of sales and marketing at Mobile Awareness. "To that end, we continue to focus on new product development that offers a lower total cost of ownership, such as the SenseStat SE." 

The current models available in the SE version are the Wireless (MA-ODSS-4M17W-SE), Wired Truck & Trailer (MA-ODSS-4M17TT-SE) and the Wired Box Truck (MA-ODSS--4M17BT-SE). Common among them are the ability to simultaneously monitor four zones in real time, an LED display indicating the direction or location of an obstacle or person, display blanking until reverse gear is engaged, and a stop-line adjustment feature.