CARSON CITY, NV --- The Nevada Legislature has passed a bill that would revise regulation of the sale and title of salvage vehicles, and the Automotive Service Association is urging Gov. Jim Gibbons to veto this bill.

If signed into law, the bill would authorize a person other than an auto wrecker, car dealer or rebuilder to obtain an ID card (for a fee) and bid to purchase a vehicle other than a nonrepairable vehicle from the operator of a salvage pool.

Someone who obtains such a card would be prohibited from purchasing more than three vehicles from the salvage pool operator in any calendar year.

The bill also seeks to increase the period within which an insurance company or its authorized agent must submit an application for a salvage title or nonrepairable vehicle certificate for a salvage vehicle.

The ASA said it is urging a veto because such a law could increase the price of a salvage vehicle and push more vehicles into the salvage pool. "If passed, we will see more vehicles taken out of the marketplace, which is not good for collision repairers," ASA representative Bob Redding said in a statement.

Redding also raised the issue of highway safety. "There is a risk of vehicles being placed on the road that should not be, without significant inspection and repair," he said.